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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A weekend in the city!

It's my last night in Aix-En-Provence, and due to the lack of local shops I've walked a long way to find an open bar. And it's a football night.
"Bonsoir, une stella artois si vous plais"
"Oh Yes please, thankyou"
"Ah ha! English!"

I'm in France catching up with Dr Fusion who has recently become my first ever ex-pat buddy. For someone who only ever learnt 5 words of French in school (I did Spanish) I feel I've done OK and had a pretty good time over here. And any contempt waiters might have felt for our lack of French and lunchtime coffee-drinking has been outweighed by my insisting on introducing my mate as Monsieur L'Ingineur. That holds a lot of kudos in this part of town.

I can see why English people totally fall for Provence- it's really pretty nice, like England would be if we hadn't wrecked it. Everyone drinks and no-one gets disorderly, everyone smokes but no-one has a hacking cough, and every woman under 40 is slim and beautiful. I also really like the French sense of drama- girls skipping out into the road with bags of shopping causing exaggerated braking and collisions, animated conversations in narrow streets that I can't understand, and the fact that the homeless are on strike. I'm still trying to figure that one out, but every city currently has a huge tent city at its centre.

Yep, overall we love France. Except Marseilles which is a complete dump. I'm dying to learn some French and not sound totally stupid next time. Kind of hard to seduce a beautiful chain smoking brunette with "Hello" and "thankyou".

On the other hand, that used to work on one of my exes...


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