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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Don't mention it...

Chief's preparing herself for 3 weeks without her most enthusiastic member of staff. So supervision was spent working out how I'm going to dump all my work on my colleagues before I take my holidays.

"Well, why don't you fix up a meeting with X and Y and you can do some training as well as handing over the work."
"X and Y? At the same time?"
"Is that going to be problem?"
"No, they're both lovely people. Just a little on the religious side."
"Just steer the conversation away from religion. Talk about the weather or something."

So, some time later in my shift, I'm sitting round a table with X and Y. And the training's going pretty well until one of them mentions what they were doing on Sunday.
"It's a lovely day, isn't it?" I reply.
"Yes, I thought it was going to snow, but the sun is shining gloriously."
"I know." I prepare for a strategic rant, as we're getting onto dangerous territory here. "But this is what the weather does- it snows, and then it lulls you into a false sense of security. You think the sun is shining, the sky is blue, your sins are forgiven and everything's right with the world, and the next thing you know you're walking through a snowstorm in a t-shirt."
There's a pause. "You talking about your sins being forgiven reminds me of something."

I decide to get comfortable. I'll be here a while.


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