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Sunday, December 17, 2006

The me show!

I've been working on my public speaking technique lately. Apparently I jump around too much.

Despite speaking clearly, making eye contact with someone in the back row, and remaining seated at all time,s I was a little unsure how well Friday's speech to the team meeting had gone. And I do have to work with these people, so it was very important I didn't embarrass myself too much. Which was why I was very happy when Crazy Hat Lady gave me an almighty thump on the shoulder and said "Great speech, very confident!"

I was telling my acting Chief, Manchief about this later.
"Crazy Hat Lady said I was confident."
"You seem very happy about this."
"I am. Being called confident by a woman who wears a top hat to work every day. That's like being called a good driver by Michael Schumacher."

Which means if you need to know anything about person-centred planning, I'm your man. And if you happen to be my manager and need some willing mug to stand up in front of everyone at the march meeting, well, you've got my number....


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