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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Shaky Start!

It's five days into my course yet and I haven't done a thing. Generally that's a bad sign, but it's honestly not my fault. Or at least it's only a bit my fault.

We're starting off our social work studies by covering the OU course Understanding Health and Social Care. I've already written on two job applications that I'm doing this, so I really should make a move. Sadly, since Secure Mail Services, the OU's delivery company, appear to have left my books out on the street in a high crime neighbourhood, there's really nothing I can do so far. And it's pretty unlikely the books will show up before I go on holiday tomorrow, so there goes my great idea of doing my coursework sitting in a french cafe with a strong coffee and a brunette waitress.

Of course, this delay comes five months after I missed the course altogether as my employers forgot to send off the form agreeing funding. And I'm already plotting my escape from my currently lousy job.

Yep, I'm so going to make it as a social worker.


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