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Thursday, December 15, 2005

So much for getting to sleep

Plan was to watch a bit of TV and then get some much needed sleep. For someone who's stayed in all day I've got a surprising amount of stuff to take in.

It's a combination of being plugged into my favourite TV series all day and some weird stuff with my friends. I've learnt that Nate Fisher dies, is greatly mourned, and in David and Keith's fostering, there's a small hope for a happy ending, of sorts. Christian Troy is not the carver, but we should have known that already. And in July two of my best mates are apparently about to get married. Not to each other, of course. Apparently it's something to do with power tools.

On top of that, I've learnt that you really shouldn't go out, even for half an hour, when you're pretty ill. I had to fall flat on my face in the hallway to work that one out.

And I've learnt that I really should take the rest of the week off. They'll manage without me, right?


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