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Saturday, December 10, 2005

On thick ice

I'm apparently surrounded by a series of good looking women, and with booming music and blinding lights, once in a while you catch a lady's eye and really communicate something between you without the need for something as primitive as words.

If I wasn't clinging to one for support this would be a good way to meet people. And what people are communicating to me are "Watch where you're going" and "learn to skate you idiot".

Yep, Friday night was ice-skating in Kew, thanks to a kind friend who picked up free tickets. The rink looked amazing, and there was something magical about skating outdoors, new york style in the dark, everyone in hats and scarves against a backdrop of glinting lights.

I think they may have given away a few free tickets too many though. I got the hang of balancing quite soon, but sudden changes in direction took a lot longer. And no-one seemed to be checking their mirrors before they pulled out into my path.

After 50 minutes my feet were hurting, and my brain was struggling with the task of anticipating everyone's movements, so I wimped out, and went for a well-deserved smoke with a girl I'd picked up. Literally.

The journey home is another post in itself. Nice night though.


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