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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Called in for questioning

"And what would you say was the worst decision you've ever made?"
"Um...I take it you mean professionally?"

I'm in Stevenage for my third job interview in three weeks, and I'm struggling with a number of questions. Am I ready to leave my current post? Is this new job the opportunity I'm looking for, or are they just looking for someone to unload this problematic project on to? And did the interview questions come from the back of TV Quick?

Manager assures me that I don't want to go anywhere, by instilling a combination of fear of the unknown and intense guilt. Like that's going to work. Meanwhile, ex-Manager reassures me that this post is just what I need to get out behind a desk and get my career moving. I'd love to know if they've had a conversation about this.

I've got a few reservations; the fact that this post is surrounded by complex interorganistional politics, I don't get to take annual leave for the first six months and allegedly signing an opt-out from the Working Time Directive is compulsory. This is of course completely illegal. And the fact that the first interview was postponed after an administrative error invited me to interview with 12 hours notice. And the letter I'm currently holding unexpectedly invited me to the other side of the county for interview on Friday 9th September.

But I think I might like residential work. It's like being in someone's home. It is someone's home. And I've been offered a coffee and a fresh baguette, which I certainly didn't get in Acton Town Hall. The people interviewing me are very nice, despite my intitial reservations.

Now, where do I see myself in five years time?


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