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Sunday, December 04, 2005

What a waste of a liver

Yep, the George Best mawkishness shows absolutely no signs of abating. It's Diana all over again, except this time you don't have to be gay to grieve.


Not having been alive when he could still see straight enough to kick a ball, and not being particularly into football, it's no surprise that the whole thing's completely lost on me. But reading his history doesn't make me understand the hysteria any more. Such as the two convictions for drink driving. I thought we'd pretty much agreed as a society that drink-driving is dangerous, selfish and stupid. If he'd killed someone in the process it wouldn't have mattered what a 'genius' he was with a ball.

Alright, I'm probably a complete cynic. But as a little footnote, last year 400 people died waiting for organ transplants.


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Since you seem to feel the same way I do about this...


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