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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Position Vacant

"Well, Becky said she'd call me back today."

"She was the one who came round Sunday, right?"

"No, that was Claire. Claire was the sassy Australian who Mog liked."

"Why was that then?"

"Well, she said we needed a woman with a strong personality to share with two men. Ah."

"Ah. And she didn't like the vet did she?"

"No, I liked the vet though."

"That's probably why she didn't call back."

"Well I didn't think I made it that obvious."

"Right. Has anyone said they're interested in the flat yet?"

"Not yet. Although Katherine said she liked it."

"Which one was that?"

"She was the PA from Ladbroke Grove."

"Wasn't that Marie?"

"Oh yeah. Hold on, wasn't Marie the translator?"

"No, that was Sara. I think."

"No, she was definitely the Kiwi chef."

"Was she?"

"No idea. Which one was Katherine then?"

"Not sure..."


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