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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Reducion ad very absurdam

Been making up for lost time today, but who am I to neglect my readers. More explanation of how I got accused of sexism due to overly subtle use of rhetoric.

Cliff Fan was on a bit of a rant to her colleagues. She does that a lot. I was using my

"Well, you see, women can hold a lot of facts in their minds at once. That's the difference...."

"...men just don't have the brains for it..."

"...men are a bit slow when it comes to that. Brains in their trousers, you see..."

Finally I chipped in. "And it's not sexist to say that, is it____? You're just telling it like it is."

"Thankyou, a man who admits men can handle facts."

"And women can manage all the facts just fine. Until they get distracted by a nice pair of shoes."

Cliff Fan's manager chimed in. "Oi _____. We don't do sexist talk in the office."

"Exactly", I said.

I thought they'd got my point. Apparently not.


Blogger Lance Manion said...

Perhaps next time you should try for ad hominen. I bet that gets their attention. Just saying...

7:45 pm


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