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Thursday, June 30, 2005


There's a very good looking woman in my room, making smalltalk and giving me some approving glances. And I'm trying to bring up the subject of mice as gently as possible this time.

Meg and Mog are on their way out of Meteor Street in three weeks, and somehow the idea of going to Kentish Town just doesn't appeal to me so I'm staying put. So having persuading my old buddy Smooth B to relocate, there's the small matter of who's going to occupy the spare room and pay a third of the rent. And within 4 days of putting an advert on a popular website, 6 out of 7 respondents have been female and quite attractive. And because all of them have been extremely local, I can be in the pub, cooking dinner or wasting money on ebay when I get the call.

Smooth B and I have agreed. No-one too attractive (too much of a distraction), no-one unemployed and no-one clinically obese. We will be cooking together after all. So maybe the advert should read "Flatmate wanted, male or female, 20-35, must be reasonably easy on the eye."

I think I've got the tour down to a tee. There's one small detail I can't get right though:

"...and council tax is about 30 a month. Have you got any other questions."

"When did you last see a mouse? I'm still thinking about that."

Maybe I could lie, but that seems like a surefire way of getting off on the wrong foot. I've got another two viewings tomorrow, so hopefully I'll meet my goal of sorting it all out by Saturday. But those mice have a lot to answer for.


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