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Thursday, July 14, 2005


I'm passing the time by trying to work out what we're all doing here. In the case of Bandaged Man and Hobbling Woman, it's quite obvious. Baggy White Tracksuit is lying on a gurney and howling in pain without obvious cause. I have a theory about T-Shirt on Head, and I'm wondering if Baseball Cap is there to have his mobile phone removed from the side of his face. It looks fairly acute.

Implausibly my ear infection has landed me in hospital. With my GP currently fully booked, and the Jubilee Line at a halt, the local surgery recommended I visit the local walk-in clinic at Central Middlesex Hospital to get my much-needed antibiotics. For "Walk-in Clinic" read "Crowded A&E Department". After a while I get comfortable, and it really doesn't seem too bad watching the world and all its misfortunes stumble past. I just feel a bit of a twat for being here with my ear. Without my ear I'd feel far less out of place.

Sports injuries, pregnancy hiccups and hours go by as I start to realise that I should have eaten several hours ago, and I actually don't believe it when they call my name. I start by apologising for wasting their time. She looks up; apparently everyone says that.

Afterwards, I also feel the need to apologise for screaming when she stuck the tube in my ear.
So it's been a productive sort of day. It's nice to be told you really are ill and not just imagining it. And I now have antibiotics which I didn't have to pay for, courtesy of the hospital.

On the downside, I really do have two middle ear infections. So I may just be spending a bit more time in my room this week.


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