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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Got the bastard tom!

Whoever first used the phrase "quiet as a mouse" had obviously never trapped one in his room. At 3am.

Yep, after months of the mice uncontrollably running round my flat, it's finally in the bag. One of my humane mousetraps worked and rather than drowning or throwing it under a dustcart, i'm taking an opportunity to be the bigger mammal and am taking him to borehamwood,

Assuming we both survive the journey, i'm releasing him to start a new life at an undisclosed location.

Suffice to say, he's had his chips... �&��_�穆�h��+j��*.��R���ʋ���bu����l~��DA0��Xj(>-��m����Ja��,ɨh��&


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We had a mouse in our house.
A brave mouse, or stupid one - we have three cats, two doors down has 12 cats, three doors down has 15 cats. There's a lot of cats on patrol out back.
We reckon the mouse came from the woods on the embankment; it survived in the house for almost a week, living behind the cooker. We figured the mouse deserved to live - it had gotten so far in the face of so many cats. A humane trap seemed like a good idea - chocolate wheetos worked well as bait; the mouse was captive within 12 hours. We used a fish tank to carry it to freedom in Garston woods.

11:01 am


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