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Friday, December 10, 2004

Got the Job (part two)

I've just been looking through some old posts. I've been keeping this blog for nearly 15 months now, and it's a very strange feeling to go back to a mix of the mundane and the profound from a whole year ago. I mean it, it actually made me feel a bit dizzy to read about a dream I'd completely forgotten from November 2003. Something about a dentist, and I suddenly remembered it with disorientating clarity.

Anyway, remember this?

With slightly fewer anguished posts, I've got a new job. And the interview was *much* easier this time. It's only for three months to begin with, and it's in the same team, but it's going to be as a proper social work assistant. So now I can have my own caseload, drive around and see people, and get to experience the stress and, well, stress of social work first hand, seven hours a day.

And if today's anything to go by, that's not looking like the wisest move. But it's about time I got out of the office and applied myself and everything I've learnt to being out there. And "unlikelysecretary" had worn a bit thin.

It's also going to be the first "proper" job I've had that hasn't been admin. Thank god for that- I was starting to go crazy staring at that desk all day. Instead I can go crazy out in the community, just like everyone else.

All I've got to do now is pass my driving test. And not screw this up.


Blogger Papotine said...

Congrats !!
(and fingers crossed for the driving test)

6:46 pm


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