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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

"Cloying" seems the right word

By the end of day one only two of my first group were considering resigning. It's going better than i expected.

Given the almost messianic zeal for a new computer package or restraint technique trainers tend to show, it must be a weird experience to be taught to use Iris by someone who hates the system and isn't exactly crazy about computers in general.

My plan was to keep it simple. Yes, there's a load of fancy features. But let's face it, my group are never going to use most of them, and the majority are going to struggle with the essentials.

Of course, it would have been nice to have done more than an hour of training. The enthusiastically annoying woman who wrecked an entire fortnight in teaching me this system was supposed to sit in on my first morning and make sure I was ok. Of course, she's not the kind of person who can sit quietly, and within 10 minutes had completely taken over, confusing my team with all the things anyone who had worked with them would know they'd find irrelevant and confusing.

Like most people selling a product or service, she's convinced that her product is going to become the centre of our lives and just can't see beyond that.

Still, it was nice to hear everyone sit round and slag her off. And Sarky Nurse can do the *best* impressions of her.

I think my colleagues are getting a bit idea of exactly why I went nuts whilst stuck out in Stevenage.


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