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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Keeping OW!t of trouble

It's been a strange weekend. As payday's not until Tuesday, I've been mostly staying in, eating whatever I've got in the fridge, taking the occasional walk and just avoiding any situation that could possibly be challenging and expensive. The car fire and electrocution haven't helped.

Last night, for example, I was just enjoying a (free) ebook of Caesar's Column, when Brother pointed out a flash outside. Some ratboys had decided to set fire to a car outside, and as I went outside to investigate, a couple of explosions engulfed my back garden in a massive plume of fairly toxic smoke. I'm sure that can't have been healthy.

And today, too, its been raining, and I still have very little money, I decided to take a shower, and first decided to give the hot water a boost. I now have burns on my fingers, and a slightly elevated sense of my own mortality.

My friend tells me I was lucky. It was only 210 volts.

I'm always being told the majority of accidents happen in the home. So staying in is no defence against trouble.

Roll on payday. I've got £13 left.


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