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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

There's always time to jump the shark

Manager's taste in DVDs is pretty horrific, and despite a pleasantly crazy day and a particularly tasteful episode of Grand Designs, I'm still struggling to get over the sheer horror of the film I 'borrowed' last night.
I think I should be concerned about anyone whose DVD collection consists entirely of gory sci-fi films. Think Blade, Starship Troopers, and *every* Star Trek film ever made. And don't get me started on his sense of humour. However, when he's flogging surplus films for £3 each, somehow the Fifth Element seems a little bit tempting. Having just come out of my "you don't need to buy films...imperialist hollywood mind control" rant, the act of actually buying one would have looked pretty feeble. And it's not as if I'd want to own Men in Black, never mind the sequel.

Looking back on it, the cover should have been a clue. Will Smith, looking cool as ever. Tommy Lee Jones, looking like, well, the only other film I know him from. But look, in between, what is that?

I'd been unfazed by the 200 foot alien attack. The minute the dog started talking I looked away.
It's safe to say that nothing's more likely to ruin a great franchise like a talking dog, as Spin City found out to their expense when they introduced Rex the talking (suicidal) dog. So many episodes. So few laughs. Obviously, it can't be a boring personality. It has to have a 'quirky' character. With lots of original one-liners both children and mildly slow adults are certain to find hilarious. Repeat all the best jokes from the first movie, put in a storyline that undoes the attempts to prevent a sequel in the original movie and could be written by a fairly simple computer, and bang, you're quids in.

Looking at the reviews on Amazon can be a troubling experience. How about this one?
One of my top ten all time great films, January 31, 2003
Reviewer: Humphrey Waterhouse from London, London United Kingdom ...
I though MIB 2 was a fantastic film! The humour is intelligent and not dumbed down (may explain a thing or two) and Will Smith gives an Oscar worthy performance. This film is not just about vacant special effects and mindless fastpaced action sequences it has a cleverly written script and the comic timing is suberb. I loved the first film but I have to say I thought this one was in a class of it's own. We watched it twice.

I'm intrigued to know what's his favourite.Also confounding my expectations, the positive reviews are also the best written.

I'm just glad I got it back on his desk before Manager noticed. Somehow, even £3 seemed excessive for that.

Imperialist mind control....


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