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Monday, September 13, 2004

...And you?

All this talk of comments is making me wonder. It's that sort of night.

After I kick-started Doafw I accidentally deleted the counter. It was a choice between that and the green. It was running fairly healthily, but then I didn't post for months. I didn't think about how many readers I had. If any.*

But now I'm wondering. And as I've forgotten how to do counters, lets have a, um, Shout Out.

Anonymous comments: On

Anyone out there?

*Apparently I'm big in Devon.


Blogger Marc said...

This is probrably the ONLY first post I will ever get.

9:31 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you noticed how much easier it is to be "anonymous" rather than enter a username AND a password? That's actually the reason I haven't commented before.
Oh, and hope you find someone to go boating with soon.


PS No I didn't post that message, nor do I know who it is. Sorry!

9:34 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo JC! Word up.... 'tis TB, I just got from NY. Hope you are OK.

12:36 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello there. You are read in FRANCE ! (frightening, hey ?) Bonjour chez vous !

Papotine arobase voila dot fr

6:24 pm


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