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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Psychogeography, Hertfordshire style

I'm wondering if it's time to make a study of the area. In my own way.

Here's a few facts:
1) Yet another Summer's gone by without me having a holiday. And I feel a little tense.
2) It's been ages since I wrote a story. It's been even longer since I finished one.
3) I've got good shoes.
4) There's a map of Hertfordshire on my floor. It looks unfamiliar and very green.

How's this for a plan then?

Take a week off work and walk from place to place. There's a good cafe in St Albans, and there must be a nice pub in London Colney. On the way be brilliantly inspired. If I get stuck I'll carry on walking.

And whatever I write I'll put on the Blog. Perhaps.

It's about time l did that & maybe finished a few stories. That poor man's been stuck in the forest for at least six months.


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