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Monday, September 13, 2004

As ever, x

Intringuing comment appeared next to the Brighton song. Take a look.

It's unusual, especially as most feedback tends to be ‘You remind me of a guy I punched once. And also, as he or she (lets not make assumptions here) helpfully points out, I don't get many comments.

It raises so many questions though. Firstly, who is this guy? Does he also have a song about drug-taking in Brighton? Or some other coastal city?

I'd also like to know more about their relationship. The clue should be ‘hopelessly‘. Is it a tale of secret love? Heartless rebuttal? Or that lingering awkwardness when it's out in the open between friends but going nowhere?

I'd like to know more about what reminds Anonymous of this guy. The sense of humour? Supercillious tone? The whiny bits? Everyone likes, or reluctantly becomes convinced, that they're unique. Maybe it's me, and Anonymous hasn't noticed yet? Maybe anonymous is that strange ex who used to call me at strange hours? Or a friend trying not to freak me out?

In a way I like not knowing, as I can use my imagination to fill in the gaps. Maybe Anonymous is the quiet one at the edge of a group, harbouring a secret crush on the loud one at the centre of the group who appears forever unreachable. I like that one, as it's got the makings of a good story (and a very bad one too). And it means the really popular one gets to be like me.

I'm not casting a slur on Anonymous's social skills. I just like not being the one harbouring anything for a change.


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