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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

I could do it with my eyes closed

I finally managed to escape from the clutches of insomnia at about 4am, with less than 3 hours until my first alarm, as well as one and a half blog posts and a particularly captivating sequence of photos showing my clock between 1.50-2.20am.

Somehow, against all the odds, I still managed to go through an entire day without completely falling apart. It was a close run thing at times. And I'm not really convinced I can remember doing any work.

The first hours went something like this.
6.45 Stereo starts playing Radiohead. Sit bolt upright, turn volume right down. Go back to sleep.
7.05 Phone alarm goes off. Sit bolt upright, hit snooze and go back to sleep.
7.10 Hit snooze again.
7.25 Number 7 bus ambles by at the end of the road, unhurried and unmoved.
7.50 Brother goes into bathroom for shower.
7.55 OK Computer finishes impercetibly. Sit bolt upright in bed. Again. Swear. Sit there for a while.
7.59 Brother leaves bathroom. Leap out of bed. Swear. Run into bathroom; insert lenses etc.
8.08 Make a miserable hash of shaving.
8.10 Brother goes into bathroom for prolonged nose-blowing session.
8.13 Number 724 bus ambles past front dooe. Unhurred. Unmoved.
8.14 Brother leaves bathroom after prolonged nose-blowing session. Run out of door, looking surprisingly smart in sideways glance in mirror.
8.15 Do up flies. Buy newspaper, give up on bus.
8.30 Catch number 7. Get stuck in traffic. Bus unhurried and unmoving. Sleep.
8.59 Sit bolt upright in seat. Call into office. Doze off again.
9.30 Wonder dazed through doors of office. Sit down. Stare.
9.33 Get sent on first of Manager's errands for day.
10.10 Return from errand. Obsess about lack of sleep.


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