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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

No escape key

I can't sleep.

Never been any good at getting to sleep. When we were kids, Brother used to drive me up the wall with how easy he found sleep. His advice was pretty simple:
'Just close your eyes and...go to sleep.'

I've spent years trying to follow that advice, but I always seem to get stuck after the closing my eyes bit. Some nights it's thoughts and ideas doing their bit to keep me here. Tonight it's just that I'm not ready- whilst on my short break in Oxford I slept from 2 to 11- although a big early evening coffee probably didn't help. So I'm alone with my thoughts in the dark. Again. And I have to be up in 4 hours.

When I was heading up to Oxford I was really looking forward to being alone with my thoughts. It's lucky that didn't happen as I discovered on the journey home that my thoughts seem to consist only of obscure Guardian articles and the fact that Doafw apparently rhymes with gopher.

And I'm alone with that thought. Damm I'm bored.


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