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Thursday, October 02, 2003

The Horror, The Horror

Yet another thread of glittery shit weaved into the already excrement heavy tapestry of the past two days. Tescos have their first aisle of Christmas Stuff.

Let's think about this shall we. It's October 2nd. There are (about) 93 days to get ready for Christmas. Is there actually anyone who thinks, "Oh, it's October. Better start getting ready for Christmas." The problem is, having totally vented my anger on my Lunch Buddy, as well as half the local population, I was accused of being 'Humbug'. It seems rather a taboo to say these facts, but it's true.
- It's October. It's *not* Christmas.
- Christmas is no big deal.
- Christmas is 95% crap.'

OK, here's a few more
- Santa doesn't exist. No not like that, he was designed by Coca-Cola.
- Turkey tastes horrible. And it's a big dead bird.
- Jesus wasn't born in December. It's most likely to be June/July time.
- It's a cheap hijacking of a perfectly good pagan festival, which is fortunately yet to be commercialised.
- It's generally a big anti-climax.

All I look forward to about Christmas is spending some nice chilled out time with my familiy. I don't care about buying things for it, and sure as hell I'm not buying tacky sparkly things in October.

The worst thing is, Lunch Buddy actually bought FIVE of the things. She said it was wrapping up an anniversary present, which she can re-use at Christmas. And that's just encouraging the bastards.

October 2nd. How much further can they push us?


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