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Thursday, September 25, 2003

Old Lady on the bus had a stroke. I don't talk to this lady much, but when she's on the bus I tend to overhear her, and it's a little compelling, even though the conversation doesn't get any deeper than the price of fresh vegetables at the market. I remember the day she had the stroke though. It was in the high nineties, and we were all wilting, but looking at her I knew something was wrong, she just looked awful. I'd assumed it was dehydration, and I ended up helping her on and off the bus again, and told her to go and drink a lot of water. She said she'd had lots of tea, but that's just not enough in hot weather.

But it's really nice to see her back. I get quite attached to. And from those brief conversations you have at the end of the line, I could tell the bus drivers have too.


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