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Monday, September 29, 2003

Withering Away

By a cruel twist of fate, I work in the ugliest town in this area, and yet my bus journey on the way in takes me through some beautiful areas. And that's why I always get incredibly philosophical on the way in.

And so as the sun shone through the fading trees past Aldenham Lake, I thought of David Blaine sillouhetted against the harsh London skyline and had a rare moment of clarity. He's starving to death to teach us something about nature.

It's true, as David whithers and dies, so too do the leaves on the trees. He entered in Summer and will leave in the winter, whatever's left of him. And the trees don't die. Life carries on regardless of all of us, and whether he dies in that box or not.

Well, that's my theory. It's either that or he's starving himself to death for our entertainment.


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