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Monday, September 29, 2003

Above Above the Below

Finally seen David Blaine! Although I think his stunt is missing a certain element of spectacle. He was, just as I expected, dangling in a little box. What was amazing was the huge crowd who had turned out just to watch him slowly starve to death. And of course, the forlorn figure in pink, his girlfriend who has been there throughout, watching her love slowly wasting away.

I think we're still missing the question of why? I really don't see the point in destroying your health, even for money. If he'd been sitting in a bath of baked beans and wearing a red nose, we might have been a little kinder to him, perhaps.

I didn't fancy the idea of descending to City Hall level to join the sea of "well-wishers", and watching David slowly digest his internal organs was making me hungry, so we retired to enjoy an excellent grilled salmon. It's what David would have wanted.


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