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Thursday, September 25, 2003

We're cracking up

I had a strange experience today. Midway through teasing me for being crazy (and this happens a lot), my colleague got upset, and so did I.

We got slightly tearful for no good reason. And it's taken me all evening to shake this feeling of malaise, and I suspect the others are the same. Something's eating away at my team and my friends, and I think we need a break.

Outside of the team though, everyone's had a shit day, and I suspect out there, that scene was played out again and again. There's something in the air I just don't like.

And people can get so fed up with days like this they put themselves in danger as a result of this feeling (the 'fuck it' can't get any worse feeling). Days like this come along every now and then, and all you can do is work out how to live through it. I have to tell someone that.


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