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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Special Day

Smooth B's looking a little uncomfortable right now. This isn't unusual for my bestest friend and drinking buddy as he always looks like that when I tell a story. However, on this occasion he's sitting on a stage in front of all his friends and family. And his bride is 2 hours late and counting.

Mog, Mr Mog and Brother are exchanging loaded glances. Finally Mog cracks and says it:
"Maybe she's...."
"Don't! Even! Think! It!" I snap back, a little too loudly. From the way people at the next two tables are looking at me I may have made things worse.

This is my third Hindu wedding, however, after the disaster of the last two I'm very glad to have a little posse around me at the minute. We're all feeling a little out of place, but the wedding is fantastic and after a while we all kick back and start to enjoy ourselves. Of course, I lose Brother when the chocolate fountain gets switched on. There's a very good reason why the staff are wearing brown shirts.

Of course the bride finally showed up, as did the wine. And I ended up at the front of the family-only civil ceremony in a little side room. I think if I was any more of a girl I would have started crying at that point. In fact, I was so loved up I even bought a round.

So congratulations to Mr and Mrs B. And cheers for the free bar.


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