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Friday, November 03, 2006

It must be hard being my boss...

My supervision is getting increasingly surreal. The Chief is clearly quite heavily dosed on flu medication, and it's possible that I might have spent a little too much time with my service users lately. So it's tricky to discuss sensitive issues at this time.
"Now just one last thing, [your client] has been making comments that you kissed Big Truth in front of him." Yes, he didn't stop talking about it for 3 hours after I'd kissed my colleague goodbye.
"Oh, yes I thought that might come up." Worse still, we'd been outside a pub at the time.
"I know you and her are friends, and that you usually do kiss each other outside of work when you see each other..."
"I know, and we don't usually do it in front of the clients, but this time I think we both genuinely forgot where we were for a second."
"It's really easily done."
"I know, and before we knew it we had our clothes off...."

I'm so glad I've got a boss who knows when I'm joking. At least 90% of the time.... I was also joking about coming into work still drunk the day after the stag night. And yet, for some reason, she gave me that day off.


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