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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Impressive customer service....

I'm on the phone to HSBC demanding to know why they've taken £20 out of my account. Usually this wouldn't bother this much, but it's pay day on Tuesday, I'm going away this weekend and *really* need the money.

Of course, this is complicated by the fact that despite living in central london, o2 have never really managed to provide any sort of phone coverage in my flat. So I'm making the call at the end of the garden on a windy day.

"I've never got any letter warning me about this, and I thought I cancelled the policy years ago."
"OK, can you confirm the first line of your address please?"
"________________, Willesden"
"What was your previous address?"
"________________, Watford."
"That's not the one we have either."
By now it's quite obvious they've sent it to Mum's address in Harrow, where I haven't lived in 8 years. Every so often my bank do this, and it's extremely annoying. So to make my point I quote *all* my previous addresses.
"________________, Dollis Hill"
"________________, Earls Court."
"Could you-"
"How about ___________Gloucester Road"
"Can I ask you to-"
"_________, South Kensington"

Point made, I get a full apology and the policy cancelled. Unfortunately, there is an unwritten law that if a large company owes you money, it takes so much longer to get it back then it does when you owe them money. It's the same reason why five months after Greenborough started taking pension contributions (despite receiving an opt-out from me), I'm still waiting to get my money back. And my unauthorised transaction will take at least five days to refund.

So, thanks to my bank's incompetence, I have £17 to last until Tuesday. And I'm really going to need some comfort items to survive my weekend...

I'm so looking forward to dumping both HSBC and O2. Unfortunately O2 have me tied into a contract until November 8th...and I can't leave HSBC until I've paid them back the money Greenborough owe me.

But one day, I'll have petty revenge...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Grr banks are bas-tards especially HSBC. I made them give me back a charge they made to my account. It took them 6 weeks!

Hope you're well and the weekend goes ok.

Tom B

3:57 pm


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