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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Shiny Shiny. Shiny.

My 18 month contract is finally up, and it's time to say goodbye to my lovely s700 and hello to the shiny new n93.

For those of you who aren't absolute gadget geeks the N93 is the first phone to be able to use Wifi, has a fantastic quality video camera with a proper zoom and a flash and can hold up to 2Gb with the card Brother's getting me for Christmas. Which is pretty cool.

What's even cooler is that I might be able to actually use the phone in my flat. Annoyingly, despite having a transmitter within 10m of the house, there is no reception at all in my room on o2. Which has resulted in 18 months of walking round the kitchen shouting "Hello? Hello?". And having to make phonecalls under a tree in the garden, which is just no fun in the snow.

On top of that, my lovely phone broke within 5 days of getting it, meaning that I can't hold it up to my ear like everyone else with a mobile, but have to plug in the handsfree kit before I can talk. O2 offered to repair it, but would leave me without a camera or mp3 player for a months, which seemed too heavy a price to pay.

As a result of this I miss about 50% of my phonecalls, which does tend to irritate my friends a little.

So now I can be just like everyone else. Just a little cooler.


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