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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Still waiting

It's 11am, and I'm actually up at a normal time for a Saturday. Yep, it's an absolutely normal Saturday and I feel fine. And Northern Nurse assures me that erratic behaviour and mood swings are all symptoms of an ear infection, but only for men.

It's all been part of a process, and within the strange routine I fell into were plenty of opportunities for rest and growth. And watching a lot of TV. Almost three months after everyone else, I finally got to see the ending of Six Feet Under, and was surprisingly uplifted by the whole thing. Maybe it's the fact that Claire dies at the end. At the age of 98. That's about as close as we could have got to a happy ending, and oddly, Keith and David are redeemed by their kids. Considering I've been addicted to this series for years, last night was quite significant for me.

But ear diseases aside, I'm pretty keen to actually get out of the house now. Just as SFU ended on an optimistic note, so should my week in bed. Time to actually go out there and spend some energy.

Besides, I doubt I'm going to sleep before Festivus.


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