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Thursday, November 24, 2005

It ended with a kiss...

What would you do if you had twenty seconds extra in a time of your life? When my lift home got waylaidon the way out, at the end of one of the hardest days we've had in months, I answered that one. I ran back and kissed Glinty on the top of the head and ran out again. I'm definitely going to miss her the most if I ever leave.

Yep, in social services, a crisis comes without warning and can swallow up your whole day. And if you're really unlucky your whole evening too. It was always going to be a tough week this one; a whole load of meetings that can mildly be described as contentious, step one in our battle for survival, and for me, two job interviews and the feeling of being a deserter. But our cases have been relatively predictable lately, so when I picked up the phone this afternoon I was maybe a bit too laid back. It soon changed though.

But, as ever, we got it sorted we did. It's a good feeling to get on top of a crisis and sort it out. Particularly because I don't get to do social work that often stuck behind a desk.

But the best feeling at the end of today came from telling a friend what she means to me. I don't usually do that.


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