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Thursday, November 17, 2005

In the red

My job's being moved to Stevenage, my job phishing finally looks to be paying off, and I'm spoiling to fight the power. Now where can I get a flag?

Yes, militancy is in the air over here in Borehamwood, ever since my delightful employers decided that the best way to ensure good quality local services was to move all social services staff twenty miles away. For some reason I think they're trying to keep that a secret.

The project's called The Way We Work, and consisting mostly of glossy platitudes and a very scary sounding director, the aim is to improve the Way *We* Work by reducing the number of County Council offices in Hertfordshire from 53 to 3. So all social services staff across the county will be moved to one of two new bases in Apsley and Stevenage. Fine if you happen to already work in those areas, but a possible complication if all your clients are on the other side of the county. And staff ain't too happy about it- at least a third of staff won't move to the new bases, and those without cars might not be able to cross the county at all thanks to the state of the public transport infrastructure(see blogs passem). If I go with my team to the new base, I'll be paying an extra 200 pounds in fares each month, and will be travelling an extra three hours per day.

It's the kind of thing I hate, but is seen all around the country; dedicated people carrying out unglamourous work that most people would cross the street to avoid, spending years building up good links with their local communities and their clients, all to be swept away by some big idea.

As I see it, it's maybe time to put up at least some token resistance. Now can anyone tell me the lyrics to "Keep the Red Flag Flying Here"?


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