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Thursday, October 06, 2005

I'm a very funny person....

I'm reflecting on the many meanings of the word 'Funny'. Mum certainly thinks I'm one of them.

I had one of those days last week, something that every amateur comedian hopes for. Everything I said, every response, every gesture, everything seemed side-splittingly funny to the people I met. It was a bizarre moment, and I haven't been that quick in years.

Sadly, it was the day of the funeral. I'm reflecting on my use of humour, and hoping it was genuinely well received. If not, I'll probably be the last to know.

My favourite one was when I found myself discussing driving tests with a group of mourners. Stories of the man who failed 9 driving tests with style are in vogue in my family. Except without the style bit.

"It's the minor faults you have to watch for."
"Yeah, a mate of mine drove perfectly, but he just got one minor fault too many. Late signal did for him"
"Did you get many minors on your test?"
I'd been quiet for a moment. "Yeah, one or two. And an Escort."

The strangest thing is that at parties and weddings I'm pretty lousy company.


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