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Monday, April 25, 2005

Stop the world from turning!

Ear infection's back with a vengence this morning. I feel fine as long as I don't try and move too quickly, and as long as there's a bit of furniture to grab onto whenever the world starts to move. This must be what it's like to be old. Incidentally, I'm going to be 25 this weekend.

I don't think I did myself any favours at the weekend though. It was the two parties in a row on Saturday that really knocked me out I think. When you're trying to take things easy, ending up really drunk at a stranger's house at 2am is usually a bad sign.

Bearing in mind that having a shower feels mildly dangerous at the minute, I'm removing myself from any situations that could be unsafe. That means crossing roads, catching trains, walking long distances and, therefore, going to work. Right now I feel like such a liar, as I'm sitting comfortably in front of my PC, which I could easily do in Borehamwood. However, after going to the kitchen I find I need to lie down, which I'm definitely not allowed to do at work.

But as I'm not ill ill, just ill, I've set myself a modest plan for today; tidying up, clearing up the debris from my roast dinner yesterday (indian themed roast chicken, since you ask) , and, of course, the OU assignment that I really should have posted on Saturday. It feels mildly wrong to be working for myself when I've said I'm too ill to work for my employers, which is why I've gone to such lengths to justify it to myself in this post.

On the bright side, Supernurse is coming down this weekend. Having tenuous attempts to organise ways for my friends and family to celebrate my birthday.

Right, I think I need to lie down again. Then I might have a shower. I think...


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