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Monday, April 18, 2005

And it's war!

After this mornings little surprise visitor to the bathroom caused a slight shaving cut and my flatmate to see more than he intended of me, it's time to go into battle.

I've bought some clever little balancing mousetraps from B&Q, baited them with some very crumbly Wensleydale, and await results. I have a plan in mind, of course. They're the nice, tame mousetraps that don't hurt the mouse at all (we've all seem Tom & Jerry), so depending on the time of night I'll either take them down to the countryside near Moor Park or the toilets of Cricklewood McDonalds.

There's a time limit on all of this; if it doesn't work I'm considering buying one of those scary contraptions off the Internet. The one on the bottom right is manufactured by a company called something like Sinister Industries, employing high voltage to extremely "humane" effect. Looking like some bizarre remnant of the third reich, it even comes with a little red LED which comes on when there's 'waste' to be removed. And if there's no results in a fortnight, or one more disturbance to my morning routine, those mice won't know the meaning of the word naqba.

Failing that, I'm trying to befriend next door's cat. He's a bit on the tubby side though.


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