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Monday, April 18, 2005

We're wide awake!

I wasn't exactly looking forward to this morning. Back at work after two weeks, and they'll probably get me doing the photocopying or something equally insulting. And that lousy computer system will still be casting its long shadow over my closing days in Borehamwood. Given that I've been up for getting out of the team ever since I heard about my job shift downwards, I really fancied going sick or something today.

Anyway, I was doing pretty well, as you can see from the time. My prophecies (read 'weird meaningless dreams') shook me out of bed an hour early, and I jumped into the shower, washed my hair and was halfway through shaving when I ran screaming from the bathroom (barely) wrapped in a towel.

A mouse had gone straight for my feet. And I really don't like mice when I'm naked.

Sadly, this was the one morning when the whole house was up early. I really wish they hadn't seen that.


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