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Monday, April 18, 2005

Putting my big money where my big mouth is

After telling far too many colleagues about my dream last night, I gave into their suggestions and decided to put a couple of quid on it. Of course, Paddy Power are the only ones to be running a book, and somehow the idea of going into a Willesden betting shop this late at night (or ever) was just too much for me. So I went online.

I decided to put a fiver on Cardinal Audrys Juozas Backis (Lithuania) at 125-1. And a quid on the next pope being called John at 14-1. As a special bonus, I put another on quid Ratzinger to be the next Pope & choose the Papal name John Paul, and a pound each way on the colour of the next smoke plume.

I am never allowed to do this again....


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