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Sunday, January 11, 2004

He now calls me Raymond...

I'm having a bit of an austic day...

I've spent several hours this weekend looking for a book. Conversations with staff in the bookshop went like this:
"Looking for a book."
"You've come to the right place mate. What's it called?"
"It doesn't have a name."
"Well who's it by?"
"it's not by anyone."
"Well I don't think I can help you. What does it look like."
"It's black. Definitely black. Bigger than A4 size."
"oh, you mean note books. Over there mate."

Of course, if I'd started with that it wouldn't have been a problem. Basically, I need a big black outsize A4 book I can stick all my guitar music in that will fit in the pocket of my guitar case- but not have all ragged bits of paper sticking out. But I've only been able to describe what it isn't, which isn't much help.

Brother said to me
"You remember that hotel that fell in the sea?"
I replied "The Holbeck Hall Hotel?"
"Yeah. ?. How did you remember that?"
But I had my attention diverted. I was fiddling with the coins on the desk.
"Definitely wrong. Coins facing the wrong way up."

A few of my social workers went through phases like this. Usually they don't last long.



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