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Saturday, January 03, 2004


I got a letter yesterday addressed to Presenttense AMInstP. OK, so that's not my real name, but I forgot that I was still an "Associate Member" of the Institute of Physics. It's a special kind of membership, aimed entirely at people who have failed high level physics courses.

Of course, full members get to use the fantastic initials after their names of MInstP, and graduate members (ie people who didn't fail) can put the initials GradInstP after their names. The terrifying thing is that out of the people who were on the same course as me are probably signing their names "_ MSc, ARCS, GradInstP."

It's not the catchiest set of initials, and I can't help but wonder if that means MIOP was already taken. The writer was "pleased to invite" me to renew my membership for the reasonable sum of just £19 a year. But I was feeling a little impulsive (ok, drunk) at the time. So I just crossed out AMInstP, scrawled "No thanks" across the letter, and returned it in the prepaid envelope.

I wonder if I'll hear from them again. Until I actually qualify as something, then I'm just plain old me. Suits me.


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