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Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Rocking all over Watford

I'm sitting at my desk with a strange feeling of rocking rapidly back and forward, and trying to work out why.

This is the desk I was sitting at when I became the UK's only casualty of the West Midlands earthquake. I was perched right on the edge of the chair, and when the room suddenly moved half and inch to the right, I fell off and bruised my elbow.

Northern Nurse was telling me all about the significance of rocking back and forward- a lot of people with mental health problems or learning disabilities do this. We all find it very comforting to be rocked, which is exactly why we do it to babies to help them sleep. But years ago people found it alarming if a person started doing that, warranting heavier medication and institutionalisation, even though all it is is a way of calming yourself when fazed by events outside of your control. And so I can't help but wonder if this sensation I'm getting at the minute is some sort of echo of this; a subconcious attempt to calm and comfort myself at the end of a long day. And even though I'm slightly disorientated, I actually do find it comforting.

It's either that or I'm getting an ear infection. Come to think of it, it is January.


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