Where there's a Willesden there's a way

Friday, January 02, 2004

This all relates, I hope, to an incident a few weeks back, when Manager gave me a lift back to the office. It was like twenty questions, except more like forty. So I answered them. Big mistake.

A week later, I needed a lift again, so I asked Manager. "I'm not driving you again, you'll just start talking crazy."
"I'm not crazy, I was just answering your questions."
He stared at me.
"Look" I pleaded, "if you take a can of coke, shake it up, wait, shake it up again, and then open it."
"It explodes all over you."
"Right. And do you blame yourself or the can?"
"I blame the can. Every time."

Maybe in other jobs people just try harder to hide it.


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