Where there's a Willesden there's a way

Saturday, December 20, 2003

I don't agree that misery loves company, but maybe it does love validation.

After all, We're supposed to be happy, it's christmas after all. But it's also dark and cold, and sad people somehow look sadder against a background of festive cheer.

So i've an idea. You won't meet more miserable people than a town centre on christmas eve. So just for a dare, i want to take my guitar to Watford and sing. "Simon the boxing day arsonist", "born in june", and my new one, "so here it is bloody christmas..."

Like krishnas and christians, i'm going to spread the word through song. On three..

'so here it is, Sodding christmas,
everybody's looking down.
Shopping for tat
in this dismal concrete town.'


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