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Tuesday, December 16, 2003

The clue's in the word "secret"

For something I organised, the Secret Santa thing actually worked out surprisingly well.

With just an hour to go, I still hadn't wrapped up Nemo's present- I'd been looking for some tissue paper (I can't be doing with wrapping paper), and failed. In the end Blondie helped me wrap up the admittedly awkward looking shape using some orange A4 we had in the stationary cupboard. And I got one of the other secretaries to write Nemo's name so no-one would recognise it. She looked at it as if it was the result of careless driving down a forest road.

"It was obviously wrapped up by a man, wasn't it"

There aren't many men in the team, so as it sat on my desk I knew it would be a giveaway. It almost seemed to be staring at me, so I drew a little eye on it. Then inspiration struck, and I stuck a band of white paper on to it, and drew in a little black line.

At the restaurant, Nemo really liked her present. I could tell because she was trying to work out who sent her it.

"It was obviously wrapped up by a man, wasn't it?" She tried out a few theories before turning to me. "It was you, wasn't it?"

Fortunately she chose that moment to notice the stripes. "Hang on a minute, that's supposed to look like Nemo. That's well cool!"

And that threw her off the scent completely- men aren't supposed to be that creative with their wrapping. Besides- it's a secret- you're not actually supposed to know who got you the present.

As for me, I got a little book called "365 smiles from Zen"- it's full of the kind of Zen parables I love- whoever got me that must know me so well. I'd love to know who got it.


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