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Thursday, December 11, 2003

The eyes really don't

Again, I'm having issues with my contact lenses. I've gone in a very short space of time from the whole world being very clear to the whole world being very spooky in my left peripheral vision. It's hard to explain, but the minutes I think I know where the weird cloudy bit's coming from it goes. And as I can't quite describe it, I can't do much about it.

Which raises the question- do I wear them tomorrow? It's the team Christmas party, and loads of people I used to work with will be there, which means I'd really better not embarrass myself by failing to recognise them (and one in particular). On the other hand, if I'm continually doing that weird blinking thing I've been doing with these lenses, she's going to think I'm even weirder.

OK, when I last ran into this woman I hadn't been to bed in two days and I had the hangover from hell. I was in Asda looking at the pasta and swaying. I'd really like to banish the memory of that one.

So far these lenses have brought me nothing but grief. I've had a headache from what can only be information overload, I'm still smarting from the 'inappropriate contact' I received from my optician whilst having them fitted, and as I'm going to be taking them in and out all day, I decided against cooking my legendary pea and mushroom (and cumin and chilli) curry in favour of a rather disappointing pizza.


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