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Thursday, December 11, 2003

Amazingly, Borehamwood has the opposite effect

Wapblogger has been frustrating my creativity. Like a more tuneful version of when I write songs, when you've been happily blogging away for a while, even a simple act like walking through Tescos can inspire rants and flights of fancy. Sadly, wapblogger's been down all day, and as I can't blog at my desk for *so* many reasons and my short team memory is just a little depleted, so many great postings have been lost forever.

But here's a sample of the postings we lost:
- The impossible dilemnas of the bus fares. Followed by more reasons why Arriva buses hate human beings.
- Torrential rain suddenly doesn't seem too bad when there's Christmas carols on in Tesco.
- More about the local people, still queueing outside that new Marks and Spencer.
- Musings about why the leisure centre is called "The Point".

Come to think about it, everything happens for a reason.


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