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Thursday, November 06, 2003

On a bender

I really thought I was going crazy yesterday. I was running around the office, along the train, dodging traffic on the Finchley Road and playing the mobile phone game pretending I was a secret agent.

Of course, at 7 (leaving a certain franchised coffee shop) I realised I'd had six cups of coffee (2 of which were huge), which could explain a few things. The previous week I'd experienced a caffeine crash on the way into College, and pretty much dozed through the whole lesson. This time I went a little too far the other way.

Still, when I'm hyper I'm quite funny. I was getting a lift to the station with some classmates, including an Israeli and a South African. They asked me about the fireworks, and I was thrilled- I've never told the story of Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot to someone (who hadn't heard it) before. And quite a few things I said made a little too much sense. Such as the fact that we burn Guy Fawkes each year (to slight gasps of astonishment) despite the fact that he wasn't burnt at all. Merely hung, drawn and quartered.

Israeli Girl asked me when our independence day is. I had to explain we don't have one- the rest of the world celebrates getting independence from us.

Then I went home and ran round in circles until about 2am, when I collapsed.


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