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Monday, November 03, 2003

How's it going to end?

OK, so I haven't watched it in years, but it's the last ever episode of Brookside tomorrow night. The big question is, how are they going to wrap it up? The thing is, Sunset Beach deliberately went crazy at the end, as it had nothing to lose, and was always known for its flatly unbelievably storylines. So why not do the same with Brookside? Here's a few possibles?

1) Barry and Terry finally make it up, and stop fighting.

2) Ron finally goes postal (apologies if this has happened before)

3) Deadly virus (ditto)

4) Two words: meteorite strike.

5) Jimmy Corkhill is the only man on earth who can save us from a deadly meteorite strike. Armed only with his knowledge of car engines and ten pounds of smack, Jimmy boards an experimental space shuttle in order to place a nuclear bomb on the meteor, just in time to save the Earth. However, Jimmy screws it up, like everything else, and we all die.

6) Something works out well for someone. And a character gets to live happily ever after in Brookside Close.


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