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Monday, November 03, 2003

Now where was I?

I would say one of those days, but really more like one of those weekends, you could spend a long time trying to make sense of. At various points I seem to

- Paid £4 for a fruit smoothie
- Attended a Celtic saints service at St John's Piccadilly (more about that later, I suspect)
- Contacted a spirit
- Grown a beard (for now, but it's coming off in the morning)
- Got rained on, and dried off, at least 5 times.
- Not come home.
- Come into work looking worse than usual
- Been mocked by one client, and well, not exactly threatened, by another.
- Lost my mind, and found it again. (see previous postings)

The problem is, I don't seem to have slept properly for at least three days. So it could be that the weekend wasn't hard to understand at all, but I just lack the capacity to make any sense out of events.

The real test of this is the Fajita Test. Can I make decent Fajitas in my sleep?


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